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• Departmental Planning for Medical Devices and Laboratory Equipment:
  Planning of the medical and laboratoy equipment following the requirements of HOAI
  (Fee Structure for Architecs and Engineers)

• Target Planning and Feasibility Studies
  For new and existing buildings and departments.
  Comparison of infrastructure documentation to the created traget plans.
  Creation of explanatory reports as the basis for  the plans of the architecs.
  Illustration of the net  effective area in allocation to DIN 13080.

• Expert Opinions
   Analysis and result presentation for functional and economic questions in all clinical areas.

• Organisational and Functional Planning
  Supportive conclusions to improve organisational and functional cycles and activities and facility  standards,
  and the like.

• Situation Analysis / Concepts to reduce total Costs and Expenses
   Presentation and Calculation of Costs and Structures considering:
  • Performances and Human-resource Allocation
  • Organisation of functional cycles and activities, working hours and stand-by services
  • Performance Statistics and Review of the Demand Attitudes (?)
  • Consumables and Disposables
  • Equipment and Instrumenation